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English Words from Our Latin Word

This month's Latin word
  • amanuensis  (one who is employed to take dictation or to copy manuscript)

  • bimanual  (using or requiring the use of both hands)

  • manacle  (a device for confining the hands, usually consisting of a set of two metal rings that are fastened about the wrists and joined by a metal chain)

  • manage  (to direct or control the use of; handle)

  • maneuver  (a strategic or tactical military or naval movement)

  • manicotti  (an Italian dish consisting of pasta tubes stuffed with chopped meat or ricotta cheese, usually served hot with a tomato sauce)

  • manicure  (a cosmetic treatment of the fingernails, including shaping and polishing)

  • maniple  (an ornamental silk band hung as an ecclesiastical vestment on the left arm near the wrist)

  • manipulation  (shrewd or devious management, especially for one's own advantage)

  • manner  (a way of doing something or the way in which a thing is done or happens)

  • mano  (a hand-held stone or roller for grinding corn or other grains on a metate)

  • mansuetude  (gentleness of manner; mildness)

  • manual  (of or relating to the hands: manual skill)

  • manubrium  (a body part or process shaped like a handle)

  • manufacture  (to make or process into a finished product, especially by means of a large-scale industrial operation)

  • manumit  (to free from slavery or bondage; emancipate)

  • manure  (material, especially barnyard or stable dung, often with discarded animal bedding, used to fertilize soil)

  • manus  (the distal part of the forelimb of a vertebrate, including the wrist and hand or the carpus and forefoot)

  • manuscript  (a book, document, or other composition written by hand)

  • mortmain  (perpetual ownership of real estate by institutions such as churches that cannot transfer or sell it)

  • quadrumanous  (having four feet with opposable first digits, as primates)

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