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English Words from Our Latin Word

This month's Latin word
  • dandelion  (a Eurasian plant of the composite family having many-rayed yellow flower heads and deeply notched basal leaves [from dêns leonis, lion's tooth])

  • dental  (of, relating to, or for the teeth)

  • dentate  (edged with toothlike projections; toothed)

  • denticle  (a small tooth or toothlike projection)

  • dentin  (the main, calcareous part of a tooth, beneath the enamel and surrounding the pulp chamber and root canals)

  • dentist  (a person who is trained and licensed to practice dentistry)

  • dentition  (the type, number, and arrangement of a set of teeth)

  • dentoid  (having the form of a tooth; toothlike)

  • edentate  (lacking teeth)

  • edentulous  (having no teeth; toothless)

  • indent  (to set [the first line of a paragraph, for example] in from the margin)

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