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"Thank you so much for writing the Greek 'n' Stuff curriculum! I have been using your Greek books with my son for the past five years and it has been delightful to watch him grow to love Koine Greek and spend more and more time studying the New Testament while starting to apply his limited but growing knowledge of Greek."

Laura Wallbridge in Concord, CA

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"Our 13 year old son is steam-rolling ahead and getting a lot out of studying Koine Greek through Hey Andrew Teach Me Some Greek's excellent resources. He is excited to start Level 4 and was happy to see its contents as he is ready for more challenging work. He has been able to share at Bible Study and church about what God is opening up to his understanding through this course. We searched a long time for a Koine Greek program and know God led us to this one. We have not found another like it and we are spreading the word to others to purchase it too! May God bless you for all your work in this ministry. You have written a course that is a wonderful tool to help deepen our children and our family's walk with the Lord."

Elgene Hearn in Perth, Western Australia

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"We are incredibly happy with "Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!" I just finished all my Koine Greek studies in seminary as I work toward a Master of Divinity degree, and I am so pleased that my son has been able to study alongside me. He loves it! My Greek professor has been delighted with my 12-year-old's interest in Greek and with his progress as he works through this program. It's been a thrill to find something he can use to learn at his own pace while I have worked through my grad-level work.

Before we started "Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!" my son had been helping me study for my Koine Greek seminary class quizzes and tests. (One of the best things I did for my own studies was to teach him to read the Greek alphabet so I had someone who could at least quiz me, even if he didn't know what the words meant.) He was doing so well at learning words by quizzing me and remembering grammar rules that I suggested he take a Greek course for credit in our homeschool. He wasn't interested. I tried every which way I knew to cajole him, but to no avail until I discovered "Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!" It just so happens that my son's name is Andrew.

"Hey, Andy! This one has your name on it. You've got to do it!"

That did it!

I ordered it right off, and he couldn't wait for it to arrive. It quickly became his favorite subject! When I tell him to get his schoolwork for the morning, he now goes straight for the Greek every day. I usually have to pull him away from it after an hour or more so he can do the rest of his regular schoolwork. He is excited that by the time he reaches the end of the program, he should be able to translate 1 John as I have for my classes.

Thank you so much for creating "Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!"

Kimberlee Morris in OR

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"All of my kids (six of them) have enjoyed learning Greek and Latin with GreeknStuff curriculum. It is written in a way that is fun and engaging so my kids did not lose interest. In fact, they often didn't want to stop for the day!

I highly recommend using these books to teach these important languages.

I know the author and she is always ready to help with any questions or give advice, too!"

Donielle Showvay in Erie, IL

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"[My son] enjoys working through your greek curriculum and we want to continue it for high school."

Felicia M. in Surprise, AZ

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"Thank you for your wonderful products. We are enjoying them very much."

Hannah Griffin in Coeur d'Alene, ID

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"Thank you so much for writing this curriculum! I have wanted to learn Greek myself since college. I assumed that could take 2 years and that only after that could I begin to teach my children. I imagined making my own alphabet worksheets and vocabulary cards. What a joy for our family to be learning all together! At night before bed our four children are in our bedroom each with their workbooks doing their Greek by choice! They love the puzzles and activities that come in regular intervals to master each new concept and also provide cumulative review. The children, ages 5-13 are practicing all of the content from the level they are currently working using the flashcards on a ring. Greek is not only painless, it's actually fun!

We have a small academy of about 80 kids and we are hoping to bring Greek to our program. We are a gymnastics facility with a higher goal of being a Children¹s Bible Institute with a missions focus. (We are tent makers.) What a joy it would be for our students to master Greek along with their tumbling skills.

Thank you again,"

Candi Campbell
His Kids Academy

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"We are enjoying the workbooks! My husband is a Greek and Hebrew professor at Houston Baptist University, but I personally have never learned Greek before. I am now learning along with my 10 year olds, and your workbooks are just the right amount of study to add to our full homeschool schedule. Thank you for a wonderful product!"

Cheryl M. in TX

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"My eight year old has enjoyed Level 2 of Hey, Andrew so much that he finished in three months! He can't wait to start Level 3!"

Sherry K. in GA

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"I liked learning the Greek words better than the alphabet, but I like the whole book a lot."

Adam K. in GA

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"My older kids LOVED Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! and Latin's Not So Tough. I've got a 16 year age gap between my two youngest and didn't think my 5 year old was ready but he has other ideas. He latched on to the Reader and wanted the workbook right away even though I was planning on delaying formal academics for quite a bit longer yet. When I pulled the Reader off the shelf for a bedtime story, he immediately wanted to start 'drawing' the Greek letters. He just turned five this month."

Heather Bricklin in Eureka, CA

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"We’ve been using Hey Andrew, Teach Me some Greek for nearly 2 years and our children love it. The texts are well organized, easy and fun for the children to use."

Kimberly in Knoxville, TN

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"My grown daughter is homeschooling her children and 2 grandsons who are in my care using your Greek materials. The grandsons are 5 and 12; they were both drug babies. Your materials are just right for both. The 5 year old is learning his Greek alphabet quite well. It is the 12 year old I am most pleased with. He struggles tremendously with academics but, your workbooks are just right for him. The pace is slow but the structure and appearance of the pages is not insulting to an older child. Congratulations on a job well done."

Nancy in Anza, CA

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"We are so impressed with your curriculum. My sister was flipping through our son's Level 3 book and she said it is written so much better than the book she was using and she asked for it for Christmas!!"

Michelle in San Antonio, TX

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"Thank you for the wonderful materials. My 5 and 7 year old sons are greatly enjoying their new challenges in both Greek and Latin. They especially enjoy singing the Greek alphabet song."

Margaret C. Boardman, Ph.D. in LaPorte, IN

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"Thanks so much for putting together such great programs. Who knew that a first grader and a third grader would love learning Greek and Latin so much? Thanks again for all you do.


Cat in Newberry, SC

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"Thank you for such a great program to introduce children to Greek studies. We love Hey! Andrew, Teach me some Greek. We homeschool our three children. About 6 months ago, we felt like our 4th grader was just not doing very well as we began level 4. We called you and you so graciously advised us how to help him. "Use the flashcards, daily. They are a vital part of the program." We backed up and began making the flashcards the most important part of doing our Greek work. We also made them most important with our 1st grader as she began level 2. Both of them improved drastically. If fact, what we saw happen, was that our first grader has breezed through level 2 and enjoys it immensly. I wish we had used the flashcards daily with our 4th grader earlier. Since he didn't get the foundation that the flashcards give them, he does not enjoy it quite as much as our 1st grader. Thanks again for a great program. Our 3 1/2 year old is already asking to "do his Greek." (He can sing the Greek alphabet song!)


Maleah Prevost in Huntsville, AL

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"I want you to know that my daughter, Melissa, age 13, loves Hey, Andrew. She started it two years ago, and recently, she has really taken off . She finished Level 4 in 2 weeks, and can't wait to start Level 5. We even sat down together and figured out an algorithm for accenting. She is so pleased with how fun Greek is.

Thank you for providing this great kid-friendly curriculum."

Lynn in Lake Oswego, OR

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"I just wanted to tell you that we keep coming back to some part of what you offer! :) My oldest is now 16. When he was 9 and 10, and his little brother was 7 and 8, we did the Latin series through Level 3. Then the little brother, who just turned 14, decided he wanted to take Greek (he is thinking of being a pastor), so we started that. It's been spotty for the last year or two, and he is only part way through Level 3. That's okay though, we are buckling down this year, and he is REALLY learning and enjoying it again! I think it's GREAT experience for him to get this now!

Now their little sister, 10 years old, is interested in the Acts study, so we will be ordering that soon, I think.

I just want to thank you for all the time and effort you have put into these products! We have enjoyed them!

God Bless,"

Deena in WA

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"I studied Greek in college and I LOVE this program!! I've used it for 8-9 years with my home schoolers. Thank you so much!!

I came upon your Greek curriculum at a Homeschool Curriculum Fair in Nashville, TN, when my twin girls were 5th graders and their little sister was a second grader. It truly has been a great joy for me to have a way to share this love [of Greek] with my children. I am glad for the opportunity to thank you personally! I think your incremental approach is excellent. I've found it to work so well with my girls. We all have loved bite-by-bite-sized pieces on an almost daily basis over the years. My twins attended Humanities class at Franklin Classical School their junior and senior years and the school counted our Greek work as a substitute for the school's Latin requirement. They have just finished their freshman year at Belmont University. Their Greek work is something all three of my daughters are thankful for. My youngest just finished her freshman year in high school and we plan to continue our Greek study next year with Level 7.

I have loved the opportunity for personal review as I have taught the girls.

We are grateful for your work.

Thank you."

Sally Bennett in Brentwood, TN

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"Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! is a wonderful and extremely effective way to teach your students biblical Greek! Karen Mohs (who is my sister), the founder of Greek 'n' Stuff, has written and published this curriculum that makes learning biblical Greek a delight for students! Four of my children have greatly enjoyed using this curriculum and now have enough knowledge of biblical Greek to easily read Greek manuscripts of the New Testament (with the help of a dictionary, of course!). The grammar presentation is very easy to understand and teach, even for people who have never taken Greek themselves (like me!). My daughter Michelle, who has gone through the course as an adult, is now beginning to use Hey, Andrew! to teach her 6-year-old the Greek language. My son Andrew (who is the Andrew referred to in the title and whose pictures are in the primer) began the course when he was five and continued to Level 6. This course is a fun and fantastic tool for all students who want to understand the original manuscripts of the Bible and is especially helpful for students who are considering going into the ministry."

Barbara LaTour in Hayward, CA

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"My 9 year old daughter is excelling in Greek. She just started book 5. Back when she was five years old, she said, "Daddy, will you teach me Greek?" -- as if it could be done in an afternoon. I said, "Sure," and taught her the oral alphabet in 20 minutes with a made up tune. I have a Ph.D. in New Testament and Greek and have taught Greek at the seminary level during the last two years of my Ph.D. program and then at a small Christian college...When my lovely homeschooling wife found the Hey Andrew curriculum, I was DELIGHTED!...Karen's work simply brought NT Greek into simple and efficient workbook format in an eye-pleasing, kid-friendly way.

She includes loads of built-in review of vocabulary and grammar forms that is absolutely necessary for a 30 year old seminary student to reach mastery or a lower-grade child to incrementally build mastery. Seminary Greek classes are high stress, high speed, high intensity courses that are often wash-out courses to weed people out...But Evangelical kids can learn Greek in a natural way over several years while their memorizing capabilities are highest. Karen Mohs is to be thanked and praised for making a system where kids can find themselves doing Greek ( i.e. reading and translating) without being loaded down with abstract concepts and nomenclature of grammar. She keeps the cookies on the bottom self. [My daughter] is doing Greek naturally - to her its fun."

Dr. Dan Wilson in Dayton, TN

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"I love your books. My 7 year old daughter is on your third level Greek and Latin books and LOVES THEM...BTW, we were in a Greek restaurant the other night and my daughter recited the alphabet. The owner was so impressed that she is purchasing your books for her sons."

Kim in VA

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"I've never studied Greek but chose to include the language in our homeschool program to address some learning differences with my son--to include poor executive function skills. My understanding is that Greek is an excellent way to improve analytical skills, attention to detail, better thinking skills, and clearer communication.

"I would like to say that "Hey, Andrew. Teach Me Some Greek" has exceeded my expectations. I added Greek in 2nd grade with reading the primer--which my son thoroughly enjoyed and even memorized! Towards the end of 2nd grade, we began working through Book 1. We are 15 weeks into 3rd grade and are now starting Book 2. You (Ms. Mohs) were extremely helpful with questions I had about the "Hey, Andrew" series and I want to thank you for designing such a wonderful program. My son truly enjoys it and I am convinced it's because it is easy and pleasureable to be successful with the program because of the thorough, yet gentle pace. Even my 48-year-old brain is having a great time and I'm remembering what we learn! I would highly recommend this program if you want to add Greek to your homeschool curriculum."

Cindy S. in IL

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"We love the Book of John copybook. What a great idea. Hope you come out with more!"

Amy in IL

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"My fourth grader loved your beginning 'Hey, Andrew, Teach Me Some Greek' reader!"

Wayne in MO

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"Your materials are so easy to use that I'm going to be teaching Greek I to a small group of kids this fall. The other moms were too skittish to give it a try, and I think Koine Greek is too important to skip. It's gonna be great!"

A customer in RI

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"My son LOVES Greek! His handwriting was very sloppy. When he started forming the Greek letters, he put all his effort into it. His Greek letters are beautiful. Now his handwriting (especially cursive) is beautiful. Who'da thought?

Can't wait to get the books...

God bless,"

Patty in NY

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"Karen, thank-you again for your workbooks! Our Home School Class here at St. Johns is now 1 1/2 years in the making and it's going great! We began with Level 2 and we've just completed Level 4. I have two adults and six children (8-12 years old) in my class and we meet for two hours, every other Monday afternoon, here at St. Johns. The parents then work through the workbooks with their children at home in between classes. We truly enjoy learning New Testament Greek and your material is excellent. We're looking forward to Level 5!

Yours in Christ,"

Rev. Matthew Thompson
St. Johns Lutheran Church
Park Rapids, MN 56470

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"I would like to thank you for the excellent materials. As a language teacher by training myself (I have an M.A. from a linguistics department in ESL) and now working with our 5th and youngest child, I appreciate the challenges of preparing materials for a non-spoken language like Greek. The gradation, the variety, the vocabulary choice, including the flashcards in the book - so many things are just right!

In Christ,"

Kathleen in OH

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"Stephen (our main Greek student) had a surgical procedure done yesterday. He was hurting when he woke up, and the nurse encouraged him to do something to get his mind off the pain. The first thing that came to mind was his Greek workbook! Thankfully, he had packed it to keep himself busy that morning."

Laura in SC

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"I came across the 'Hey, Andrew...' series by 'accident' at our local homeschooling store. I bought Level One - not knowing how our 8 year old Gracie would take to learning Greek. She loved it from the start. The way you teach in this series - it gave her confidence and was so compatible with her learning style. We have been doing this series for 24 weeks and are about to complete Level 3 - she has not lost her enthusiasm. We are very much looking forward to your Latin series. Thank you so much."

Mary Livingston

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"My kids love 'Greek', even my two year old walks around the house singing her greek alphabet. Thank you for all the work yet the simplicity of making learning fun.

Do you know of any Hebrew curriculum that would be compared to your Greek? Your work is the best that we´ve found as far as content and instruction.

God bless you,"


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"Thanks for a great product. We love learning Greek together, and it must please you to know that people are learning to read the Bible in its original language. Without your products, we would still be totally clueless! I considered taking Greek at a local college, but with 2 young kids, who has time for that? Learning it with my daughter fits in with our lifestyle perfectly. Thank you, thank you!

Happy to be growing in His love,"

Jennifer in WI

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"Our Greek instructor speaks very highly of you and your curriculum. I am amazed at how well my 7 and 9 year old are learning Greek! Now, if Math would only go this smoothly....."

Elizabeth Weaver

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"Hey Andrew! has generated excitement and challenge for my girls. They really enjoy the program and are happy to work on it each day. I'm amazed at how much they are learning."

Martha Robinson in FL

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"It's exciting to know that even though my kids are in school all day, they are willing and most of the time enthusiastic (though tired) to do their Greek. It's been a real blessing.

Thank you!!!!"

Camille in OR

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"I was teaching my son French until recently. He was learning well, but the program was frustrating because it frankly wasn't written for kids. I just could not find a step by step comprehensive French program for kids. In frustration I switched him to Greek. I had hoped to teach him Greek in the middle years (he's seven now) but your program looked like it was worth trying, so we did.

I can't keep him out of Greek now!!! I have us scheduled to do Greek three days a week. He wants it five days a week. He works ahead, he copies sentences from the next level workbook. He is learning the Lord's prayer by memory. He loves this! I find Greek letters everywhere! And I love it too! I'm brushing off my Greek skills from seminary and digging in again, too.

So I wanted to say thank you! Fabulous job!"

Tara in PA

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"I wanted to let you know how much three of my children love your Greek program.

I really tried to pace them in the beginning. I started my first grader, who can hardly read English, in book 1. I thought, one letter every two days should be more than enough, but soon it was one per day, and then even more! I started the third grader out with level 2. He couldn't wait to start reading Greek. He can't wait to start level 3 (which we will do tomorrow!) Both raced through the books within 4 weeks! They loved the reader (the older one has it memorized.) The three older kids sing your alpha beta song.

The third child is 4, I told her she had to wait until she started to read English before she could start Greek! With her older brothers helping her though, she'll probably recognize the Greek alphabet before she gets down the English one! By the way, the two boys learned the capital forms of the letter on their own!!

I am just amazed at how well you designed these books. I wish that I had had something like this when I studied Koine in college. I am looking forward to reviewing it as we go along through the different levels."

Theresa Squire

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"My son is 12 years old and loves Hey, Andrew! We started with the first book because we were already studying Spanish and Latin and I wanted it to be easy and fun. Greek is now his favorite subject! We're on book 3 in less than a year and he doesn't seem to be slowing down."

Terry S. Duncan

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"Your Greek series is great, and I highly recommend it. I'm using these answer keys to teach myself koine Greek and then check my work. The material in these books is so well-broken down and thoroughly explained and drilled, that the books serve as a model for the teaching of any other foreign language."

Nicholas Naso

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"I should like to report that my little 6 y/o 1st grader has just about learned the Greek alphabet just since we bought the material a few months ago. She just loves to put on the cd and dance around the living room singing the alphabet song...Just today, as we were doing some reading lessons, (as she was getting a little tired of what we were working on) she said, 'Dad, can we do some Greek now?' "

Bernie Hablinski in Portland, TX

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"We will soon be into level three of the Hey Andrew series, and I just noticed the feedback options in the back of the workbook. I'm glad to have the opportunity to tell you how much I like these materials. They have worked wonderfully for us. They are interesting, easy to use, and highly effective. Using your program is almost like having a Greek tutor in my home. I knew almost nothing about the language when we started, but my ten-year-old actually enjoyed learning the Greek alphabet in level one. She's skipping most of the repetitive exercises in level two so that she can get to the more complex challenges of the third book. She wants more vocabulary, and says learning a dead language is "cool." Bravo, Greek 'n' Stuff! Please, keep up the good work."


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"I (we) love your Greek curriculum! I got it initially for myself. I discovered that most NT Greek texts were too much for my plans of self study. Yours has a much gentler start then the college texts I looked at. When my children saw the short set I got for myself and insisted on learning with me. Soon the whole family will be involved. Thanks for making it possible."

Joey Giammalva

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"[My son] wanted his Greek and Latin Level 3 for his present from his grandparents. My son is REALLY enjoying your curriculum! They are his favorite assignments each day!!! Thanks!"

Mary in Coconut Creek, FL

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"I ordered "Hey Andrew!! Teach me some GREEK!" this past summer. I just wanted to let you know that our 4 eldest children are greatly enjoying working through level 1. We're almost finished the book!

My husband and I ordered workbooks for ourselves in the hopes that learning Greek will be a family endeavour. So far, so good -- we like the slow and steady approach of the programme and are having 100% success in learning and remembering so far. We can all hardly wait to get into level 2 after Christmas.

We get a real laugh out of our 2 year old singing the Greek alphabet song. Now if we can just teach her the English alphabet song!

Your website is very interesting and I have it bookmarked. As we start to learn words I am planning to use your "Word of the Month" to expand our vocabulary.

We have been using "English from the Roots Up" for over a year and find it fits nicely with your programme. We hope to go back to our roots cards and write in the words using the Greek letters.

God bless,"

Michelle Houghton

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"Thank you very much for such a comprehensive course in Greek! My family and I thoroughly enjoyed studying Greek with your easy to use and clearly written assignments.

Congradulations on a job very well done!"

B. M. Mitchell in Quebec, Canada

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"We sure do enjoy your workbooks and appreciate the work you have done so that learning is so easy for us!"

Cindy Gleason in Haslet, TX

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"The kids love doing their Greek lessons. I think it's their favorite subject!

I like the way the lessons are done and how clearly the material is explained. Early childhood is the best and easiest time to learn a language, and your materials recognize that by being the 'kid-friendly.'

I only wish you also had materials available for Hebrew!"

Carol K. Stearns in St. Charles, MO

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"I do want you to know how happy I am with your Greek materials. I have a Master's Degree in German linguistics and am thrilled at the grasp my 10 year old studying Level Three greek has on the grammar. The 8 year old on level Two is also going along nicely. So many language courses have hiccoughs where the pace suddenly speeds up. Hey Andrew never leaves any gaps; it is very thorough and leaves the kids feeling confident with their new knowledge.

God bless you with this work and with your family."

Mary Collis, Australia

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"Wow, we are so impressed with the curriculum we just received! Our minister, who happens to be my father in-law, studied Koine Greek extensively while studying for his masters. He took a look at your materials this morning, and gave a big thumbs up. :)

Thank you again. The children have nearly memorized the alphabet song in just two listenings, and they think Andrew is 'pretty cool.' This is going to be fun!"


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"We are REALLY enjoying Book 3...OK mostly me! I studied modern Greek as a girl growing up Greek Orthodox and now I have reached my instructional level in your series. Ben (age 10) is having a grand old time watching his old mom learn along with him. Thanks!! ... Thanks again for your great teaching materials."

Christine Yeannakis in Alexandria, VA

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"My kids absolutely love this curriculum. I literally have to set a limit on how much time they can spend on this or they would not do the rest of their school work. Our son can't wait to get his new books because I told him he could go ahead and start on his Greek when it gets here. Thank you for putting together such a user friendly program for young children!"

Sherry DuShaw in Lynchburg, VA

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"My son loves your products. I have to tell him to put the books away and get going with the rest of his school work!"

Marianne Wills in Mansfield, MA

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"We use your [Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!] series (which is excellent!). Victoria was about mid-way through Book 3 when we taped [a segment of oral work.] ...That series you authored really helps kids think about the grammatical position of words, and helps their English a lot. I asked Victoria earlier this year, of all the things we did what helped you the most. She told me that the Greek helped her the most because it made her write and THINK about what she was writing. I was really excited to see Workbook 6! What a blessing!"

Barbara Haney in Fairbanks, AK

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"... we just started, and our kids are really having fun with this. My 7-year-old son likes his Greek letters so much, he adds them when he can to English words. And he's definitely making the distinction between 'A' and 'alpha.' You can probably tell how pleased we are by the fact that five more families have decided to join our studies of Greek and Latin."

Joie Brunger in California, MD

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"Thank you, Karen Mohs, for Hey, Andrew!! Teach Me Some Greek! My ten-year old is just finishing Level Three. He is so pleased to be able to translate Greek sentences all by himself.

I wish Hey, Andrew!! had been around when I was studying Greek in seminary! This course is designed for children. Short, simple lessons day-by-day add up to a growing knowledge of Koine Greek.

Any adult who would take a few minutes each day to complete each one-page lesson will discover that old dogs really can learn new tricks. Parents will learn as they study with their kids; no prior knowledge is needed.

After spending consistent time with Andrew!!, you'll never again approach a difficult subject with the attitude, 'It's Greek to me!'"

Cindy Moore, M.Div., Homeschooling Mom, February 2000

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"We have almost finished the first level of the Greek course (myself, and my 4, 7 and 8 year old daughters) and it is by far the best part of our homeschool, according to the girls...Also, the Ruth study was excellent. One of the best 'no frills' focus on the Bible itself devotional studies, rather than the usual crossword and games distractions that make the Bible a sideline to the 'real' fun. We really hope you'll write more. I am ordering another this time. The interest from friends concerning your Greek course has been great. They all want to see it. Two plan to get it themselves.

Your sister in Christ,"

Mary Collis, Australia

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"Thank you soooooooo much for putting together these simple, fun, easy to learn Greek books! I have been taking Greek out of various books for about two years and never enjoyed it so much, or learned so quickly, as I have using your books! Thank you Thank you Thank you! Keep up the good work!! God Bless you!!!"

Charity in El Dorado Hills, CA

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"Easy to 7 year old's favorite easily added to my workbook-resistent 10 year old's schedule and she loves it too!"

Heather in Eureka, CA

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"We are going to love studying Greek. My 8 year old son saw the books when they arrived and after spending a few minutes perusing them, said excitedly, 'Okay Mom! Let's start right now!'"

Lori in Fayetteville, AR

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"Wow!!! What great curriculum! I am really excited about getting started on Monday with my First Grader, Emily...Thanks you for the time you have invested in creating this curriculum. It is truly a very valuable resource!"

Betsey in Bolivar, MO

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"Dear Karen,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions over the phone. I really appreciate your helping sort through and figure out what I should start with.

The Reader and Level Two workbook came in today's mail, and I am delighted, excited, and impressed! This is beautifully put together and very easy to use. They have already grabbed my children's attention."

Tammy in Amery, WI

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"Excellent. Great way to start learning Greek. Builds upon itself very well. Being a student of Greek, I found the text excellent. Great job!!"

Reid Hensarling in Bennettsville, SC

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"Karen, I've started using your Greek workbooks with Jon and Lana, and they just love them! Lara and Lisa will begin with Level 3 as part of their high school curriculum. Little Leah is eager to start soon. You have made teaching and learning Greek so fun and easy."

Jan Bode homeschools her seven children near Erie, CO

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"My son Andrew asked to have the Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek primer read to him so many times that, before long, he had it memorized. The jingles about each Greek letter are catchy and full of fun -- just the kind of writing that kids enjoy hearing or reading over and over again. He was 'chomping at the bit' to start Workbook Level I, which he joyfully completed in kindergarten. The workbook was designed and organized so well that even a five-year-old could master the material fully, and have a wonderful time doing so. Andrew went on to complete Workbook Level II in his first grade year with the same measure of enthusiasm and success. My nine-year-old son, David, has also had a marvelous time discovering the Greek language through the first two workbooks. He, along with Andrew, is anxiously awaiting the opportunity to continue having great fun learning more Greek in Workbook Level III. I'm so thankful to Karen Mohs for providing this wonderful opportunity for my young sons to begin learning and appreciating the language of the New Testament. What a blessing this will be to them throughout their lives, as it opens doors for in-depth study of God's Word!"

Barbara LaTour, a homeschool mom for the past twelve years, lives in Fremont, CA

"I have recently purchased the full sets for both Latin and Greek (Level One). I am a big fan of them, and my 5 year old is really enjoying learning the ancient languages."

James Sloven in Clayton, Delaware

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"My daughter has learned so much, and has a much better understanding of Latin than I ever did when I was in high school. Thanks for offering such a great curriculum."

Julie in VA

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"Thank you for your advice again. We have found your Latin curriculum very effective and would like to continue with the format. I see Greek in our future."

Lois in VA

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"My oldest son has been enjoying the challenge of your Latin's Not So Tough series. In years past, he has used Memoria's Prima Latina and Latina Christiana 1, but a month into this school year, I switched him to yours (Level 4) which seems to go more into the task of translating and does a better job of explaining the grammar, in my opinion. PLUS, I love love love the charts you have in the Appendix. I first learned about your curriculum from a speaker at a Classical Conversations (CC) summer practicum in Kansas City. We haven't participated in a CC group in the past 2 years, but I recall that your curriculum is what a lot of the CC teachers liked to make reference to, especially the Appendix charts. Thank you for making learning Latin (and eventually Greek next year!) more understandable and less intimidating for us parents. :-) There's nothing like sitting next to my son and working through the sentences with him since I had never been taught Latin when I was a child. Again, many many thanks."

Maria S. in Plattsburg, MO

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"We used Latin's Not So Tough for one year when Christopher just couldn't keep up with Jeanita in Veritas Press and that seemed to be all he needed. My original thought was to get an age-appropriate Greek program for Chris and have the kids teach each other when they got older, but that didn't work out too well because they both wound up doing both. We got as far as Book 4 in Greek, I believe, and I probably still have all my old flash cards around here somewhere."

Heather Bricklin in Eureka, CA

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"I love your books - originally I bought level 2 and 3 for my youngest child as I was already using another latin course with my older child. However, she loved your books so much that she began on level 3 and is absolutely charging through the chapters. She has learned more usable latin in 16 lessons in book 3 than she did in the other course in 12 months."

Sandi in Australia

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"I really appreciate the LNST series and look forward to introducing other families to its charms as I continue to tutor with Classical Conversations.

I am learning Latin alongside my students, and after 25 weeks of books 4 and 5 I know I have a grasp of the basics. That's amazing! Thanks for your work."

Ruth in Chester, VT

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"I had to write and tell you how excited I am to use Latin's Not So Tough. When the package arrived I sat down and looked through the material and thought it looked so much better than what we had been using for the past 15 years. My high school Latin scholar came in and told me it looks much better too and that it would have saved her a lot of grief to use it instead of what I did use. Apparently she didn't get enough practice with endings and macrons. Just wanted to compliment you on a work well done!"

Andrea in NY

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"I should tell you that my kids and I have loved doing your Latin course. We finished workbook 6, and now they have persuaded me to start on Greek this year!"

Carolyn in New Zealand

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"Thanks for great customer service. Since starting the Latin program this falI, I have recommended it to several friends. My daughter loves Latin this year!! Thanks for a fabulous curriculum."

Michele in Springfield, VA

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"Karen Mohs has also written an excellent Latin program, called Latin's Not So Tough!. My son David and my daughter Mindy used several of the workbooks in this course to study a year of high school level Latin. They both enjoyed the approach, and Mindy felt that it had given her a great foundation for the college level Latin class that she took at UC Berkeley."

Barbara LaTour in Fremont, CA

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"I received your Latin program today from my Amazon order and I could not be more pleased. It really looks user friendly and is the first program I have ever reviewed that did not intimidate my lack of Latin in teaching my daughter."

Jennifer A. in Boise, ID

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"My son Colin is 6 years old and this [Latin's Not So Tough! Level 2] was his favorite subject this year. I thought this was odd until I spoke to a was the favorite subject of all 3 of her children who have used this curriculum!"

Nikki in NH

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"Thanks for putting out a great product! Our daughter is currently in Greek Level 3 and asked for Latin. The Latin 1 & 2 arrived and she delved right in. She did say that she probably could have started with level 2. She's also interested in Hebrew so if you have any ideas, please let me know. Our daughter is 12. Thanks so much."

Jayma Gillaspie

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"My daughter, Janie, wants to say that she 'really really really' loves the books. (She is grade 4 and is just eating them up having only started Latin in September and is now into the next level.)

Again thanks for your time and effort in putting these materials together."

Lynn in New Zealand

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"My kids have really enjoyed your program. Often they work ahead, and say that they 'love' Latin! They enjoy learning Greek too. Now that's saying something for your approach! A little bit each day is all they can handle, and over time it's neat to see what they have learned. I am thankful that the books are 'levels' and not age or grade related so that the focus can be on learning and not whether it is above or beneath them. Since I am not as confident teaching Latin as I would another language, I really appreciate the format of the workbook which has helped them learn independently. When I check their work, they share with me what they have learned. It gives me great pleasure to see them confidently translating. Thanks for making learning fun."

Martha in NC

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"I am a homeschooling mom of a seven and nine year old and have been using Latin's No So Tough for three years. Both of my children love it! They find the format fun and often play the pronunciation CD even when we're not working on Latin. I wouldn't use anything else. It's fabulous!"

Nikki Presley

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"As the mother of five children and in the midst of a high risk sixth pregnancy I truly appreciate the user friendliness of your workbooks and pronunciation CD. I honestly don't have the time to learn Latin so I may teach it to my children. Yet I understand how much it will benefit my fifth grade daughter (who is in the top 1% in the nation in math and science) in the years to come. I want to thank you for how easy you have made your program that my daughter can do these workbooks by herself. I think she will probably be at least to Level 4 by the end of the year. She did not want to learn Latin and Greek, but now Latin has become one of her favorite subjects, along with Science, Math, and History. You have done an outstanding job!"

Julianne Bell

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"Yes it's true, my daughter has only gone thru levels 1 and 2 of Latin's Not So Tough, but we love this program!!! So much so that we just ordered the Greek language workbooks as well. I never before even considered having the children learn Greek but you've made it so easy that they are really excited about it.

Also, have you ever considered writing an "English is Not So Tough" program? Seriously! I think it would be 100% better than most of the phonics and grammar programs out there now.

Thank you again and God Bless you in all your endeavors!

Repetitio est mater studiorum,"

Mrs. Randazzo in Rockford, IL

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"Thank your for providing these books for young children to learn Latin, I write curriculum for home educators and use your books beginning with first grade. Thus far, all of the families using your material have been extremely pleased! God Bless you!"

Jennifer Miller

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"Recently received the Latin course and we as a family are having fun learning the Latin alphabet together. The bonus about your teaching style/method is that it is geared so a preschooler can easily begin learning Latin. Our three year old has eagerly joined us in our learning process.

We listen to the alphabet twice a day. A couple of times we have listened through the entire CD. Last night while eating popcorn, "out of the blew" our little Andrew starting saying the words/word meaning just like he heard on the CD. Amazing! The clarity and simplicity of your teaching style is awesome as it is easy for a preschooler attain and also shows us adults that we can learn Latin. It's not that hard! Thanks!

We do make the learning process a fun time. Am making a creative flashcard for every letter using construction paper and am finding pictures from magazines, etc. to help remember each letter. Am now on letter, "D". I place each page in a protective folder which is organized in a notebook.

I like the style of print used for the alphabet letters and also appreciate the extra large print with instructions for writing the letters by use of the hands/arrows. Are you aware of an English course which is similar to your Latin course in this regards?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Happy New Year!"

Cathleen in Germany

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"Your program is excellent. Our 7 year old is on book 3 and he is doing very well. We plan to continue to the end of the series before switching to another text...Certainly it is a sign of a well designed course when the student can progress on his own, even when his teachers (i.e. parents) do not know the subject matter."

David Wesley in MA

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"We love doing Latin and Greek. You have done a great job with this curriculum!"

Dana Caywood in Kingsport, TN

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"My 7 yo daughter just started level 2 Latin. It is her favorite 'freetime' pasttime!"

Melody Murter in Hardin, MT

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

"Good series. Like the Greek text, it builds very nicely. I believe Latin and Greek are excellent extracurricular courses for young students. This starts the student at the bottom and helps build a great and long-lasting foundation."

Reid Hensarling in Bennettsville, SC