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Latin's Not So Tough!

Level 4Student Workbook

Latin Level 4 Student Workbook

Should you order this level?

  • Take a quiz on Latin-English translation.
  • Finished? Compare with the quiz answers.
  • If your student did well on the quiz, take a look at Level 5.
  • Alphabet, vocabulary, and grammar review
  • Latin grammar:
    • All cases of the five Latin declensions
    • Additional special case uses
    • Present active indicative of the four Latin conjugations
    • Principal parts
    • Macrons, syllables, accents
    • Question formation
  • Read and write Latin sentences
  • Matching, crosswords, and search-a-words
  • Flashcard pages (printed on normal workbook paper) at the back of the workbook
  • For students who have completed Level 3
  • $23.95 (US)
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